Frequently Asked Questions



 Do Beejou wraps have a scent?

 Because Beejou wraps are made from organic Wisconsin beeswax, they have a mild sweet honey smell.  We think you will enjoy their scent, it reminds us of all the flowers and pollen that was collected to make their honeycomb.  This slight honey scent will fade and disappear after a few washes.


How do I wash my wraps?

     Simply wash under cold water with a gentle soap and hang or drape to dry.  They are very easy to wash and, as they are somewhat waterproof, food cleans off of them very easily.  Your wrap should not go in the laundry machine or dryer as the heat would melt the beeswax and the washing machine would be too rough.  


Are my wraps sticky enough?

    Different people prefer differing levels of tackiness in wraps.  If you feel that they are not sticky enough, you can activate them by scrunching them in your hands a couple times. They should become more tacky and easy to use.


How do I get my wrap to stick better to a bowl?

     Beejou wraps do an excellent job of sticking to themselves. Choose a wrap that is large enough to cover the bowl and overlap onto itself to seal, the warmth of your hands will soften the wax and allow it to be molded and keep it's shape.  


How long will my wraps last?

     Depending on care and use, your wraps can last up to a year!


What do I do with my wraps when they no longer work?

     Some creasing and fraying may happen over time.  This is normal and should not interfere with the function of your wrap.  Simply cut frays with a scissors.  Your wrap can be revived by placing them on a parchment lined cookie sheet, or silicon baking mat in a 150 degree Fahrenheit oven for 2-4 minutes.  Lift from parchment by corners and hang it quickly before the wax dries.    

     Eventually your wraps will begin to feel more like fabric and lose their ability to stick.  After your wraps have lived a long happy life, you can simply cut them up and add them to your compost bin with your other food scraps. (If you do not compost, they should break down easily in the garbage as well).


What is your return policy?

  As Beejou wraps come in contact with food, we cannot accept returns.  However, if you have any issues or concerns, please contact us and we will do our best to help.  We only want happy customers!